There is no cause for anything

Life has no purpose at all. It is totally meaningless. You think you're somebody. But you're a nobody. There is no body. You want to be somebody because you believe it will bring you happiness and peace and love and joy. Happiness is an illusion. Peace is an illusion. Birth is an illusion. Death is an illusion. You are an illusion. You are not what you believe you are. Who is the person who believes they are something? "Find out who this somebody is." From where did that person come from? Who gave that being birth? Who feels he is the doer? Investigate yourself. Dive deep within yourself. See who you really are and then see if there is a purpose for your life. You are involved in a world that is a dream. Yet for some reason you believe you're somebody and you're doing things in this world as a so-called person. Yet in reality you are not a person, this world does not exist. Your mind creates all the pictures that you see in front of you. It creates this world that you observe and get involved in. The whole universe emanates from your mind. Everything, people, places and things have come out of your mind. To awaken find out where the mind came from. Where did the mind come from? The mind never existed so it couldn't come from any place. There is no mind. If there is no mind there are no thoughts. If there are no thoughts there is no body. If there is no body there are no others. If there is no others there is no world and no universe. So you see all these things have come from your mind. You have to question yourself, "To whom comes this mind? Who thinks? Who is the doer? Who am I?" Everything is nothing. No thing is your true nature. Because you exist, others exist. When you cease to exist, others will cease to exist. There will be only one. That one is emptiness, freedom.

That one is absolute reality.

That one is YOU.

There Is No Cause For Anything That one is absolute reality. That one is YOU. Robert Adams -T129: There Is No Cause For Anything!

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